Our work focuses on implementation research for public health. We conceptualize, design, implement and evaluate public health  initiatives. Our key focus areas include maternal, child and adolescent health, Non-Communicable Diseases, Malaria, TB and HIV. We work to improve care-seeking behavior and early identification of disease conditions and referrals for better management. We work to empower Community Health Workers, Drug Shops Dispensers, and Frontline Health Facility staff through training, onsite support, provision of tech and non-tech working tools, and incentives to improve their work and motivation.  Apotheker works with technology partners to ensure generation of real time data through dashboards for improving health decision making.  


Our activities in public health research are geared to generate evidence to inform the policy, improve delivery of health services and reduce health inequalities.

To conceptualize, implement, and evaluate initiatives, particularly in key health areas like maternal and child health and major diseases.

By enhancing disease detection, improving care-seeking behavior, and supporting health workers with training and tools.

Through partnerships with tech companies, they develop solutions for real-time data generation to aid in health decision-making.

To produce research that informs policies, improves health service delivery, and addresses health inequalities.