Afya-Tek is a health systems innovation that improves the quality and coordination of care for pregnant women, children and adolescents across the public and private health system by linking three primary health system providers: Community Health Workers, private sector drug dispensers, and health facilities in a fully digitized continuum of care. 


The Afya-Tek project addresses key challenges in Tanzania’s primary healthcare system, particularly the issues of poor care quality and coordination. In many low-and-middle-income countries, these challenges hinder the potential of primary healthcare to meet the majority of health needs. In Tanzania, this results in significant preventable deaths in children and maternal complications, as well as high adolescent fertility rates.

Afya-Tek, supported by Fondation Botnar and in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania and other partners, aims to improve care quality and coordination across public and private sectors. This innovative project focuses on integrating Community Health Workers, ADDOs, and health facilities within a fully digitized continuum of care, utilizing mobile apps for decision support and efficient data management.



Afya-Tek leverages technology to enhance healthcare coordination and quality in Tanzania, connecting key healthcare providers through a digital platform for improved patient outcomes.

Integration of Providers

It links Community Health Workers (CHWs), ADDOs, and health facilities into a unified digital care network.

Decision Support and Data Sharing

Utilizes a mobile app with decision support algorithms to guide providers through treatment and referral processes, and enables secure access to client health data for better care coordination.

Data-Driven Performance Management

Employs data visibility through dashboards for supervisors to monitor health system performance and improve service quality.

Afya-Tek Core Values


Promotes personalized services that caters to peoples needs


Strengthens connections and improves coordination across all actors within the primary health system thus ensuring continuum of care


Supports the delivery of high quality care through validated tools and timely decision-making


1 K+

have been registered in the Afya-Tek system representing 90% of the kibaha district population


1300 Connected across the continuum (linkage from ADDO and then referral to HF)


Referrals fro ADDO to Health Facility


Linkages from CHWS to ADDOs

Pathway to Impact


About 500 users trained and provided with digital working tools

Afya-Tek is transforming lives and saving lives by revolutionizing healthcare delivery through innovative digital solutions.

“Since Afya-Tek’s implementation in Kibaha, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in patient care coordination. The digital tools have not only streamlined our processes but also ensured timely and accurate referrals, significantly enhancing our service delivery to mothers and children.”

Mariam Abdallah, Nurse, Kibaha District Hospital

Voices of Impact

Discover Afya-Tek’s Impact: Their Stories

“Fatma Juma, a Community Health Worker in Kibaha, commends Afya-Tek for its transformative impact on their work. She appreciates the training and digital support AfyaTek provides, which has significantly improved their outreach and efficiency. “

Fatma Juma, CHW, Kibaha.

“As a mother in Kibaha, accessing healthcare used to be challenging. With Afya-Tek, I’ve noticed a huge difference. The referrals are quick, and the care is more coordinated. It’s reassuring to know that such an efficient system is looking after the health of my family.”

Mama Wawili

Afya-Tek FAQs

All Your Questions Answered


The Afya-Tek Project is a health systems innovation designed to enhance care quality and coordination for pregnant women, children, and adolescents. It links community health workers, private sector drug dispensers, and health facilities in a fully digitized care continuum.

Afya-Tek significantly improves healthcare delivery in Tanzania by addressing challenges like poor care quality and coordination. It integrates key health providers into a unified digital system, improving health outcomes for a large portion of the Tanzanian population.

Phase 2 of Afya-Tek aims to prepare for government adoption and sustainable national scale-up. This involves integrating AfyaTek into Tanzania’s nationally-endorsed digital health system and expanding its reach to more priority areas.

Afya-Tek stands out for its comprehensive approach, linking various health providers and utilizing digital tools for decision support and data-driven performance management, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services.

Afya-Tek primarily benefits pregnant women, children, and adolescents in Tanzania by providing improved and coordinated healthcare. It also supports health workers through training and digital tools, enhancing overall healthcare delivery.


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