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Apotheker Health Access Initiative is a Tanzanian NGO established in April 2021 and registered under the NGO Organizations Act of 2002. The NGO is at the Capital Plaza building, Plot No Block J, Mwai Kibaki Road, Mbezi Beach, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

The NGO brings together expertise in research, project design, implementation, and evaluation in the fields of pharmaceutical services and medicine access, maternal, child, and adolescent health, and public health in general.

What we do

Our Work Process

1. Assessment & Collaboration

Apotheker begins by conducting thorough assessments to understand the specific needs and challenges within communities or healthcare systems.

2. Innovation & Implementation:

Leveraging insights gained from assessments, Apotheker focuses on innovative approaches to address identified challenges.

3. Evaluation & Iteration

Apotheker believes in the importance of continuous learning and improvement. After implementation, rigorous evaluation mechanisms are put in place to measure the impact of interventions.

Experience Working in Tanzania's Health Sector

AHAI is a new not-for-profit arm established parallel to Apotheker Consultancy (T) Ltd which has been in operation in Tanzania since 2011. AHAI builds on Apotheker Consultancy's expertise and experiences in strengthening pharmaceuticals and health systems in Tanzania and abroad.

Apotheker Consultancy is currently implementing a three-year program (2019-2022), Afya-Tek (a digital-enabled health initiative linking community health workers, health facilities, and Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDO) at the Community level in the two councils of Kibaha District in Tanzania. Foundation Botnar funds Afya-Tek.

Spotlight on Project

Afya-Tek Initiative

Afya-Tek is a health systems innovation that improves the quality and coordination of care for pregnant women, children and adolescents across the public and private health system by linking three primary health system providers: Community Health Workers, private sector drug dispensers, and health facilities in a fully digitized continuum of care.
Registered in the AfyaTek System
Referrals from ADDO to Health Facilities
500 +
User trained and provided with digital tools

Apotheker Collaborations

The Apotheker Consultancy is leading the initiative in collaboration with D-Tree International and other partners (Institute of Tropical Medicines-Belgium and Inspired Ideas (Tanzania). Afya-Tek, as a community digital system, has drawn interest from the Government of Tanzania  (MoH, PORALG-health and Pharmacy Council) and has prospects to be scaled elsewhere in the country. Phase II of Afya-Tek (envisioned for 2023-2025) will be implemented through AHAI. 

Pioneering Innovation

Apotheker's dedication to innovation shines through in their collaborative efforts. From introducing cutting-edge technology for medicine quality testing to exploring novel avenues like online pharmaceutical marketplaces, Apotheker remains at the forefront of advancing access to essential medicine and healthcare services in Tanzania.

Highlighted Projects

Apotheker collaborated with Management Sciences for Health and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authorities in Tanzania to implement projects focusing on improving access to essential medicine and pharmaceutical services. Such projects include:
What we’re doing

Services We Offer

At Apotheker, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of communities worldwide.


We at Apotheker are dedicated to improving medicine access in underserved areas, collaborating with regulatory authorities and private-sector providers.


We focus on implementing public health research initiatives, covering areas such as maternal, child, and adolescent health, Non-Communicable Diseases, Malaria, TB, and HIV.


We collaborate with health organizations, offering expertise through consultancy services. Notable partnerships include Management Sciences for Health, initiatives like the Afya-Tek.

Our trusted partners

Empowering Healthcare Through Collaboration

At Apotheker, we are privileged to work alongside pioneering organizations in the healthcare sector. Our partners, represented by the logos beside, are integral to our mission of advancing healthcare services.