A community where everyone has access to quality health care.

Apotheker organization is focused on improving access to quality healthcare for communities across Tanzania, encompassing both rural and urban areas.

About Us

Apotheker Health Access Initiative (AHAI) is a Tanzanian NGO established in April 2021 and registered under the NGO Organizations Act of 2002 to improve people’s health and well-being through research, training, and consultancy services. Apotheker leverages the expertise and experiences of Apotheker Consultancy to strengthen pharmaceutical and health systems in Tanzania, other African countries, and Asia.

It focuses on strengthening the performance of pharmaceutical and health systems through innovative solutions and harnessed technology. In addition, to achieve this, Apotheker brings together multiple stakeholders in research, project design, implementation, and evaluation in the pharmaceutical industry, medical services, and public health in general.

AHAI contributes to the Government’s and other stakeholders’ efforts through participation and collaboration in various pharmaceutical and health care interventions that bring socio-economic impact to the community. At the sectoral level, Apotheker addresses health challenges in access to quality and safe pharmaceutical and healthcare services, linkage of health management systems, and collaboration between stakeholders in improving maternal, adolescent, and child healthcare in Tanzania. 

Our Vision

A community where everyone has access to quality health care.


To strengthen the performance of pharmaceutical and health systems through innovative solutions and harnessed technology.

Our Core Values

we adopt a strategic approach to healthcare delivery that ensures effective and sustainable outcomes.


We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in strengthening pharmaceutical and health systems and services.


We are accountable for actions and outcomes to ensure they meet goals and deliver meaningful results.


We believe in open and timely communication with internal and external stakeholders and actively engage in receiving feedback.


We are dedicated to striving for continuous improvement and deliver high-quality services that meet the expected standards.


We believe in creativity and innovative solutions as a core approach to ensuring access to quality and safe pharmaceutical and health services.


We embrace teamwork among staff and collaboration with public and private partners at local and international levels in achieving sustainable impact on public health.

Empowering communities through innovative solutions in healthcare.

At Apotheker, we navigate towards a future of equitable healthcare for all.

Our Guiding Principles

At Apotheker Health Access Initiative (AHAI), we are steadfastly guided by six fundamental principles that inform our operations and interactions on a daily basis:


Promoting fairness and inclusivity by eliminating health disparities and ensuring everyone has equal access to quality healthcare.


Placing the community at the center of organizational initiatives, treating them respectfully, appreciating their opinion, and participating in improving public health.


Being flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances, staying responsive to emerging health challenges, and adjusting strategies to meet the evolving needs of the community's best.

Respect and Trust

We treat all people with respect and foster an environment of trust within and outside the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and inclusion across all groups and forms to ensure delivery and access to quality public health services.


We empathize with and understand the diverse challenges our communities encounter; thus, we prioritize compassion and care for humanity, placing the well-being of those we serve.

Thematic Areas and Core Functions

Pharmaceutical Systems

To improve pharmaceutical services as well as strengthen collaboration and partnership with government, local, and international organizations for the community's well-being.

Public Health Systems

To strengthen the integrated health management and delivery systems resulting from well-coordinated, efficient operations at the local and national levels, taking into account the public/private partnership approach.

Technology and Innovation

To promote pharmaceutical and health systems with a people-centered approach to achieve improved health for all through innovation and harnessing digital technology.

Impact Research and Policy

To enhance the impact of health research on pharmaceutical and public health services to ensure informed policy and decision-making processes.

Organizational Development

To strengthen organizational capacity for effective and sustainable impact in health service delivery, resource mobilization, and utilization, resulting in efficient implementation of its core functions.

National Cross-cutting Issues

These include promoting Gender Mainstreaming, reducing NCDs HIV/ AIDs, and promoting a friendly and sustainable environment across Apotheker’s programmes interventions and general public health services.

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