Why health workers are using an app to connect young people to care

Access to consistent and effective healthcare in Africa is a continuous battle. Yet, amidst these challenges, technological innovations are reshaping the narrative. Tanzania faces diverse difficulties with sexual and reproductive health issues. Enter Afya-Tek , a groundbreaking healthcare app that equips community healthcare workers with a tool to help community members track their medical data. To promote consistent treatment and to help in the prevention of fatalities. The government of Tanzania has partnered with D-Tree and Apotheker to create this life saving app, Afya-Tek.

Watch the official video down below

Apotheker extends heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved in the creation of this video. Special thanks to BBC Producer Sorcha Heron for her invaluable contributions. The video was co-directed by the talented duo Justin Woods and Megan May Nelson, with Justin Woods also serving as the cinematographer. Megan May Nelson excelled as the field producer, and both she and Justin Woods skillfully handled the editing process. Their combined efforts have brought this project to life.

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