We collaborate with local and international partner organizations working in the health sector to contribute our expertise  through consultancy services. Over the decade, Apotheker has worked with organizations such as Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to advocate the ADDO model and provide technical support to those who developed interest in the model. Apotheker  provided technical support to MSH through subcontract to work with the Ministry of Health Tanzania under Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Regulatory Authority (TMDA) and Pharmacy Council Tanzania to host visits from  Countries such as Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar, Liberia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Burundi and Sierra Leone. 

Apotheker was also subcontracted by MSH to provide technical support to Countries such as Liberia, Zambia, Burundi, Bangladesh and Nigeria to work with regulatory authorities in the respective countries in developing documents and materials necessary for initiating the ADDO like model in those Countries.  Apotheker has also provided technical support to Results for Development (R4D) to evaluate the penetration of Amoxicillin DT in ADDOs in Tanzania, Iplus Solutions for a feasibility study on establishment of online pharmaceutical marketplace in Tanzania; Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy to evaluate the expansion services for the infusion Unit;, Swiss National Science Foundation on iCHF services and membership perceptions to inform strategies to improve enrolment.

Apotheker collaborates with health sector organizations globally, providing consultancy and technical support.

Through partnerships, notably with MSH, they have promoted and technically supported the ADDO model in several countries.

They have assisted in implementing the ADDO model in various countries and worked on health projects with organizations worldwide.

They’ve contributed to projects evaluating health service expansions, online pharmaceutical marketplaces, and public health strategies.