Our activities in public health research are geared to generate evidence to inform the policy, improve delivery of health services and reduce health inequalities.


Apotheker strives to contribute to strengthening pharmaceutical services and enhancing medicines access to the rural and underserved communities in Tanzania and other developing countries.


We collaborate with local and international partner organizations working in the health sector to contribute our expertise through consultancy services.

Case Studies

Innovative Partnerships

Discover Apotheker's impactful journey through our diverse projects and consultancies

We collaborate with local and international partner organizations working in the health sector in Tanzania and other developing countries to contribute our expertise  through consultancy services. 

Recently Completed

Collaborations & Consultancies

Evaluation of the Project- Support to Infusion Units Program (St. Luke Foundation/Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy 2020)

Coordination of learning visits from African Countries to the ADDO program in Tanzania and and provision of technical support to Countries interested to adopt the ADDO model (Management Sciences for Health 2018)

Rapid assessment of the private sector supply system in for establishment of Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) (Management Sciences for Health (2018)

Documenting progress of implementation of Health Shops Program in Zambia (Management Sciences for Health 2018)

Operational research on the use of Paper Analytical Device (PAD) by TFDA inspectors as a tool for detecting fake medicines in retail outlets. (University of Notre Dame and Management Sciences for Health 2018)

Pilot Project on introduction of PointMed; a business support tool for Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDO) in Mkuranga District (Management Sciences for Health (2018)

Development of resource mobilization strategy to support scale up of Accredited Medicine Stores (AMS) Program in Liberia ( Management Sciences for Health March 2018)

Support to Directorate General Drug Administration (DGDA) and Pharmacy Board of Bangladesh to develop regulations, standards, and inspection guide for retail drug outlets under the Bangladesh Pharmacy Model Initiative (BPMI) (Management Sciences for Health 2016 – 2017)

Support to MSH on Introduction on appointment system to health facilities integrating Option B plus HIV services in Mbeya region (Management Sciences for Health (MSH) 2014-2015)