Mr. Bryceson Kibassa

Mr Bryceson Paul Kibassa currently an employee from The Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices
Authority (TMDA), has served as a District Executive Director (DED) for the Local Government
Authorities for almost five years with key roles and responsibilities as Accounting officer and in charge
of various sectors within the district including social services (Health, Education and Water),
Infrastructure development(Roads, Buildings, Communication networks etc.) Socio- economic
undertakings (Agriculture & Livestock).


Mr.Kibassa a Public Health Pharmacist, worked for Tanzania Medicines Regulatory Authority for
almost ten years starting as Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDO) program coordinator. The
ADDO program which is a public private partnership initiative in Tanzania whose main objective was to
address medicines access to underserved rural and sub-urban communities. Later on, Mr Kibassa
was promoted as Planning Manager and finally Director for Business Support within the same institution
Mr.Kibassa began his carrier after graduating as Pharmacist having gone through his internship
program with Medical stores department (MSD) and Muhimbili National Hospital thereafter was
employed with Twiga Chemical Industry (T) in 1998 which was a privately owned company engaged in
procurement from multinational pharma. Companies and distributing pharmaceuticals in private sector
Tanzania market. He was responsible for overseeing all components of supply chain including
specification, quantification, procurement and distribution of pharmaceuticals in private sector of

Mr Kibassa has experience over ten years as a National Consultant in a field of Medicines Access. In
addition, he has been engaged actively as part time pharmacist in Community Pharmacy since he
graduated in 1997. Overall, Mr Kibassa as a Public Health Pharmacist, has a vast experience in
pharmaceutical sector both at managerial and technical aspects from regulation, community and
hospital pharmacy.